The Factory's Macbeth

As unforgettable and moving as any theatre I’ve seen.
— The Guardian (The Seagull)

Upcoming Shows

ANTONY & CLEOPATRA - The Cockpit Theatre: 16th June, 7.30pm

MACBETH - The Cockpit Theatre: 23rd June, 7.30pm



This groundbreaking company present their latest work: a uniquely daring theatre experiment.

Playing wildly different venues all over London: casting is gender-less, ages-less, and changes every time. No props, no costumes, no pre-planned choreography. Apart from the text, everything that happens is entirely spontaneous, and inspired by the venue.

Made up of actors from TV, film and every major theatre in London, The Factory thrives on risk, openness, bravery. We put you right in the centre of the action. Unlike anything else you'll see.

Join us and join in.



The cast all know multiple roles and are to be ready to play any of them at any time.


Director - Alex Hassell

Associate Director - Scott Brooksbank

Associate Producer - Carter Bellaimey

Producer - Emma Attwell

Verse Associate - Madeleine Hyland

Movement Associate - Anne-May Delijser

Artwork - Carter Bellaimey




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Open the Doors

From time to time The Factory opens its doors for guests to see how we create our work. These are pay-what-you-can sessions, with a suggested donation of £10 (same as a ticket to our shows). If you'd like to observe a session,sign up to hear when and where the next one will be.


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